What to See in Puerto Viejo

OK, so you're in Puerto Viejo and rumor has it there are a ton of things to see!


  • Playa Chiquita
  • Calm and tranquility can be found at Playa Chiquita.

    Location: Halfway between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo.

  • Playa Cocles
  • White sand and local surfers make Playa Cocles a great place to hang out. Swimmers know when it's safe to swim because lifeguards place green flags when it is safe for swimming and red  flags for days when the currents are too dangerous.

    Location: About 10 minutes south of Puerto Viejo towards Manzanillo.

  • Playa Negra

  • A local favorite, this black sanded beach is great for walking and exploring. The sand is so black, it's purple.

    Location: To the left as you enter Puerto Viejo.

  • Salsa Brava

  • This is Puerto Viejo’s famous surf break!

    Location: On the south end of town behind Stanford's Restaurant

  • Punta Uva
  • The word around town is that this is 'one beautiful beach'! With calm waters and miles of beach to walk, you will pass the day in pure Caribbean paradise.

    Location: The turn off for Punta Uva is 5km before Manzanillo. You can't miss the black and white sign.

  • Manzanillo
  • This is the beach for snorkeling and relaxation. With white sand, tranquility and little to no crowds, Manzanillo offers you the perfect beach day.

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Garden, Farms & Museums

Butterflies, chocolate and more...

Everyone Loves Butterflies!

Several local butterfly gardens have many different species fluttering, offering up-close observation of these irridescent beauties. And as a bonus, one of the butterfly gardens has Eyelash Pit Vipers (snakes) that are raised on the grounds and are then released into the wild.

Heavenly Chocolate

This is one of the best places to visit a local chocolate farm and see the magic of how chocolate is cultivated just for you!

  • ChocoRart Cacao Plantation and Chocolate Factory:

    Harvested, fermented and cooked cocao is what you'll see here. The owners stick to the same traditional manner as the Mayan Indians have used for thousands of years. Contact us for a tour and have a yummy chocolate tasting!

  • Cacao Trails

    This is a place for everyone. It's a mixed medley of: chocolate museum, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuary, Indian museum and organic farm. If that's not enough join a guided tour for a deeper learning experience, or lounge out by the beautiful pool and eat well at the on-site restaurant specializing in Caribbean cuisine. Contact us for a great tour.


Yes there are real Indians living in Costa Rica! And they’d love to share their way of living with you. Nearby are a few reserves open to the public:

  • Bribri de Talamanca
  • Kekoldi (Cocles) Native American Reserve--established in 1976, is home to over two hundred Native Americans of the Bribri and Cabecar Tribes.
  • Cabecar de Talamanca Indians

Parks & Reserves

Puerto Viejo itself doesn't have any parks. But don't fret; there are several great parks and reserves just a short drive away:

Aviarios Del Caribe (The Sloth Rescue Center)

This is a privately-owned wildlife rescue center near Cahuita. The goal here is to educate people about the amazing lives of sloths and conservation. Canoe tours, bird watching and hiking trails add to the fun. You can watch the owners and volunteers in action as they take care of the increasing number of resident sloths (over 80). Read more...

Bribri Reservation and Volio Waterfall

When you visit the Bribri Reservation you'll get take an easy hike crossing over a stream to a 50-ft beautiful waterfall. Here you can top the day off with a cool swim in the huge swimming hole. Contact us for more info.

Cahuita National Park

Plenty of wildlife and marine life are found in this coastal park. With over 600 acres of living coral reefs your snorkeling experience will be one aquatic experience you won't forget. Read more...

Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

Over 70% of the southern Caribbean coast, including beaches and rain forests, are protected by this beautiful refuge. It's a great place for wildlife watching, hiking and a lot more. Read more...

La Ceiba Reserve

Welcoming you into the reserve is an enormous Ceiba tree 18 meters around, it's a 55 meter walk just to circumnavigate the base of the tree. Watch out for the big roots!

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