What to See in Costa Rica

Size doesn't matter! As small as Costa Rica may look on a map, it doesn't mean it's not full of places you just 'gotta see'.

With more than fifty named beaches, 112 volcanic formations Arenal Volcanoincluding one of the most active in the world, 160 parks, refuges and protected areas and many living museums where butterflies flutter over-head and frogs, snakes, insects and other native creatures display their finest colors and behaviors, Costa Rica's 'gotta see' list is quite elaborate.

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Playa Dominical Sunbathing on one of Costa Rica's black or white sanded beaches?  With more than 800 miles of coastline divided between the Atlantic (Caribbean) and Pacific coasts, there's bound to be a beach somewhere to suit your fancy. White sanded beaches with coral reefs off-shore and black sanded beaches with sand so black, it's purple... Read more about Costa Rica's Beaches

Museums & Gardens

La-Paz-monarch-like Visiting a butterfly or hummingbird garden, serpentarium (live snake museum), or ranario (live frog and reptile museum)? How about a bat museum or botanical garden? Living museums are a great way to learn about Costa Rica's flora and fauna.  Art and historical museums are scattered throughout the country too!  Get your camera ready... More on Museums & Gardens

National Parks, Reserves & Refuges

White Faced Capuchin Monkey Checking out one of the 160+ national parks, wildlife refuges, biological reserves, wetland or other type of conservation areas in Costa Rica?  Like to rough it? Stay at a biological reserve and get up-close and personal with nature. Or prefer only a day visit?  Hire a naturalist guide and get going. No matter where you are in Costa Rica, there is always a protected park or refuge nearby. Learn more about the parks, refuges and reserves in Costa Rica.


Arenal-Volcano-Blue-skies Seeing lava flow from Arenal, one of the world's most active volcanoes or bathing in a natural bubbling mud pit at Rincon de la Vieja or Miravalles volcano? How about relaxing in a naturally heated hot spring? Check out one of Costa Rica's five active volcanoes or enjoy a day of hiking and wildlife watching at one of its other volcanic formations. Find out more about Costa Rica's volcanoes

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