Sloth Rescue Center (Aviarios del Caribe)

Where is It?

Baby Sloth

South Caribbean, 11 kilometers north of Cahuita

How Big is It?

136 acres

When was it Created?

May 27, 1996

Bit of History:

Located in the Estrella River Delta on the south Caribbean coast, the Sloth Rescue Center began when one injured sloth was found by locals, who brought him to the doorstep of Judy and Luis Arroyo. Buttercup was the first resident sloth of this now privately-owned sloth rescue center. Nowadays, the Center's main goal is to rehabilitate and re-introduce injured sloths into the wild. It also allows the opportunity to study these virtuallyBaby three toed sloth unknown creatures and to educate people about the amazing lives of sloths.

Did you Know?

  • This is the only sloth rescue and research center in the world!
  • They rehabilitate and rescue injured sloths and care for those that have been separated from their mothers.
  • They are caring for over 100 sloths, many of which cannot be returned to the wild.
  • Both species of sloth, the two-fingered (Choloepus hoffmanni) and three-fingered sloth (Bradypus variegatus) live in the educational facility
  • It is easily accessible from the town of Cahuita and Limon.

Tours & Volunteer Opportunities:

Contact us to organize a day tour from the south Caribbean or, if you really want, from the San Jose area. The Sloth Sanctuary also offers volunteer opportunities and they have a small hotel on site as well. Let us help you arrange a 'slothful' vacation. 

How's the Weather:

Hot and humid year round. 

Average annual temperature: 26 C (79 F) 

Average annual rainfall: 2500 mm (98 inches), Sept / Oct and Feb / March are the least rainy months; even then, however, afternoon and evening storms roll in. Sleeping Two-toed sloths


  • Get up-close and personal with the sloths. Watch the owners and volunteers in action as they take care of the increasing number of resident sloths 
  • Canoe tours are available where many species of birds can be sighted. More than 320 species of birds within the Reserve have been recorded.
  • Guided hikes along paths meandering through the forest 
  • Bird and wildlife watching are popular activities with sloths, howler and white-faced monkeys and other fun creatures roaming about.

Wildlife & Plants:

Sloths, sloths, sloths and more sloths! ... There are many species of birds and mammals to be encountered too.

How do I Get There?

Contact us for a great sloth tour!


  • The Sloth Rescue Center needs donations to keep it going and to be able to meet the needs of its growing residents. Every year, several sloths are brought to the Center who have been injured or separated from their mothers. Many others cannot be returned to the wild due to injuries and, therefore, become permanent residents at the Aviarios center.
  • Let us help you plan a visit to the Center--We can recommend hotels and other tours in the area for a complete South Caribbean vacation. Sleeping toddler sloths


Contact us for a day tour or to volunteer at the Aviarios del Caribe. They also have a small hotel on the property.

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