South Pacific Region

Come to the region of Costa Rica where the largest percentage of land preserved in national parks and other reserves is located.Corcovado Tree Buttresses Extending from Playa Dominical south to Panama, this region includes the Osa Peninsula, the highest mountain in Costa Rica - Mount Chirripo (12,530 feet), one of the longest left surf breaks in world - Pavones, Corcovado National Park - one of the most biologically diverse places in the world, and several more of the most remote and beautiful destinations in all of Costa Rica.

Unspoiled beaches bordered by virgin rain forests identifies much of this region.Cano-Foliage Places like Drake Bay, Cano Island and Puerto Jimenez are some of the most visited. So if you're looking for off-the-beaten-path types of places, this region is for you.

Where is It?

It begins at Playa Dominical on the Pacific coast and goes south to Panama and east over to the Talamanca Mountain Range, including part of La Amistad International Park and Mount Chirripo.

How's the Weather?

Hot and humid

Average Temperature: 79°F with humidity ranging from 75 to 90%, depending on the season

Hot Spots!



This ultra cool seaside village has two parts to it: the chillin' atmosphere of walking barefoot and swinging in a hammock AND some serious surf action recommended for the truly experienced surfers. For the serious beach vacationers, there are plenty of condos and hotels catering to extended stays. There are long stretches of rocky coastline where wildlife and nature activities abound. Who says you can't have it all!

  • Professional surf lessons and learning to surf like a pro
  • The Costa Ballena & its beaches (Dominical to Ojochal)
  • Ballena Marine National Park
  • Nauyaca Waterfall
  • Renting a beach condo for a week or two
  • Day trips to Cano Island and Corcovado National park

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Drake Bay


Branded the northern gateway to Corcovado, this remote and peaceful destination on the Osa Peninsula is a wildlife watching haven for nature lovers and eco-tourists. Accessed by one dirt road, airplane or boat taxi from nearby Sierpe, Drake Bay (aka Agujitas) is relatively undeveloped. Hotels are hidden amongst the vegetation and some are only reachable by boat or foot trail. The year-round warm waters near Drake are well known for whale sightings, and their accessibility to Cano Island and Corcovado National Park.

  • Dolphin & whale watching expeditions
  • Day trips to Cano Island - diving, snorkeling and whale watching
  • A relaxing day at Playa San Josecito
  • Exploring the Terraba - Sierpe Mangroves
  • Corcovado National Park
Let us help you book a 3 day /2 night adventure to Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park

Puerto Jimenez


Another remote town on the Osa Peninsula, Puerto Jimenez's dirt roads and small town tranquility is complimented by its well developed tourist infra-structure, luxury hotels and variety of restaurants. The area around Puerto Jimenez including Cabo Matapalo (a surfing hot spot) and Carate on the coast, is bordered by forest, mangroves and the Sweet Gulf.

  • Sport Fishing
  • Mangrove Tours
  • Day Trips to Cano Island and Corcovado National Park, Contact us for more info or to book this tour
  • Wildlife Spying and scarlet macaws
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Sunset over Gulf

Pavones is world renown for its left point break as one of the longest in the world. The left point break has been recorded to last up to three minutes on a slow, south swell. Pavones has yet to be hit by big development and remains a quaint, remote surf town. The town’s dirt roads, slow pace and remote location make Pavones an ideal getaway.

  • Surfing
  • Sport Fishing
  • Day Trips to Matapalo, Contact us for more info or to book this tour
  • Bird & Wildlife Spying at Tiskita Reserve
Save 10% on the Castillo de Pavones, the nicest hotel in Pavones. Reserve through us. Sphere in Sierpe

Other Cities & Towns

  • Carate
  • Small towns of the Ballena Coast: Dominicalito, Uvita, Ojochal
  • Buenos Aires
  • Golfito
  • Sierpe
  • Palmar Norte & Sur
  • San Gerardo de Dota
  • San Gerardo de Rivas
  • San Isidro, El General (aka Perez Zeledon)
  • San Vito
  • Zancudo

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In the South Pacific Region, you   this:


Popular Ballena Coast Beaches:

  • Playa Dominical
  • Playa Uvita

Southern Beaches:

  • Drake Bay
  • Playa San Josecito
  • Playa Llorona
  • Playa Sirena
  • Playa Carate
  • Playa Matapalo
  • Playa Pavones

Other Beaches (from north to south along the coast, including some on the Ballena Coast)

Playa Arco, Playa Ballena, Playa Pinuela, Playa Ventanas, Playa Tortuga, Playa Boca Brava, Playa Violin, Playa Corcovado, Playa Madrigal, Playa Tamales, Playa Platanares, Puerto Jimenez, Playa Cativo, Playa Puntarenitas, Playa Zancudo, Punto Banco

Learn more about south Pacific beachesCano-Island-Sunset

Museums & Gardens

  • Orchid Garden
  • Parque Reptilandia
  • Wilson Botanical Garden

Popular Parks & Reserves

Ballena National Park


This water park is named after the humpback whales that migrate here from August to October and December to April. It is also welcomes the Olive Ridley turtle along its more than nine miles of coast as they come ashore to nest. Its mangrove swamps and coral reefs also house a variety of interesting animals.

  • Miles of deserted beaches
  • Mangrove forests
  • Snorkeling
  • Dolphin and whale watching

Cano Island

Cano Island-Artifacts

Nine miles off the coast from Drake Bay, Cano Island makes a great day trip. Snorkeling, diving, archaeological sites and a beautiful beach adorn this biological reserve. Marine life is abundant and whales and dolphins are often sighted on the way to and from the island from Drake Bay.

  • Some of the best diving in Costa Rica with 80’ walls and drops as deep as 250’, all with clear water and usually excellent visibility.
  • Pre-Columbian artifacts from the Diquis tribe
  • Marine life: humpback whales, several species of dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, white-tipped reef sharks, king angel fish, puffer fish, moorish idol fish, surgeon fish, barber fish, damsel fish and a variety of eels, just to name a few.

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Corcovado National Park


Located on the Osa Peninsula, this is one of the most biologically intense places on our planet with over 4% of the world's total plant and animal species. This is a remote location and is often hard to get to. If venturing on your own, make sure to call the park office for the latest trail closures and updates.

  • Biodiversity!: 370 species of birds, 140 species of mammals (10% of the total mammal species in the Americas), 40 species of freshwater fish, 117 species of reptiles & amphibians, more than 6000 species of insects, more than 300 tree species
  • Almost guaranteed sightings of the scarlet macaw
  • Endangered animals like Baird's tapir, anteaters, wild cats and the Titi monkey
  • Waterfalls and remote hiking trails

Read all about Corcovado National Park

Chirripo National Park

Mount Chirripo from Irazu

Home to the highest peak in Costa Rica at 12,530+ feet (3820m), this area is also one of the coldest in Costa Rica. This peak and others in the Talamanca Mountain Range are known for its high numbers of endemic species and biodiversity in the paramo (montane grassland and shrubland found above elevations of 3000-3100 meters) environment found here. Chirripo is ranked the 38th most prominent peak in the world. Glacial lakes, flowering bromiliadsLlorona Waterfall and other unique aspects like occasional snow in the tropics, make Chirripo a nature lovers dream.

Other Protected Areas

Agua Buena Wildlife Refuge, Cacyra Wildlife Refuge, Donald Peter Hayes Wildlife Refuge, Golfito Wildlife Refuge, Gulfo Dulce Forest Reserve, Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge, Hacienda Copano Wildlife Refuge, Lacustrino Pejeperrito Wetlands, Laguna Azul Wildlife Refuge, Las Tablas Protected Zone, Oro Verde Nature Reserve, Osa Wildlife Refuge, Palustrino Laguna del Paraguas Wetlands, Piedras Blancas National Park, Preciosa Platanares Wildlife Refuge, Punta Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge, Rancho La Merced Wildlife Refuge, RHR Blancas Wildlife Refuge, Rio Piro Wildlife Refuge, San Vito Wetlands


  • Playa Llorona Waterfall, Corcovado National Park
  • Agujitas Waterfall, Drake Bay
  • Nauyaca Waterfalls, near Dominical
  • Matapalo Waterfall, near Puerto Jimenez (canyoning available here, Contact us for more info
  • Punto Banco Waterfall, Pavones. Good swimming hole here too

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In the South Pacific Region, you this:

Nature Activities

Adventure & Recreational Activities


Read About Other Regions:

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Inside South Pacific Region ยป Sierpe de Osa


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