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Mangrove Tours & Fishing

The Sierpe Terraba Mangrove Forest is the largest mangrove preserve in Costa Rica. Most of the time the canals Sierpe-River-Clouds.jpgare deserted and only the sounds of birds chirping and pianguas popping can be heard (pianguas are clam like animals that live in the mud and they snap their shells shut when the tide goes out).

This extensive national wetland protects the river mouths of the Terraba and Sierpe Rivers and the vast network of canals, mangrove forests and wetlands in between. 

Mangrove forests are considered the most important coastal ecosystem along the Pacific coast of Central America (Jiménez 1984) and the Terraba - Sierpe Wetlands rank among the most wetlands in the world.  

Choose to explore this area by boat on a relaxing half or full day tour looking for wildlife or split the day and spend half the day fishing in the calm quiet waters for pargo, snook and snapper. Closer to the river mouth you can catch mackerel and jacks. 

Let us arrange a beautiful relaxing day on the river for you and your family or friends.

Option 1: Half Day Wildlife Mangrove Safari

Mornings in the mangroves are spectacular. Clouds linger in the nearby mountains and the sun glistens off the glass like water. Birds and other wildlife are abundant in the early morning.  Sierpe-Wetlands-Mangroves.jpg

The Rio Sierpe mangrove tour is great for bird watching and animal viewing. The tour travels up river to the east and then south west on the tributary Chocuaco. The foliage is more abundant and there are less people living along the rivers. This provides the chance to photograph animals, reptiles and birds close up. Four types of monkeys, scarlet macaws, iguanas, crocodiles and if you are really lucky, giant river otters, one of the rarest animals of Central America. 

Schedule: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Contact us if you want a full day tour with lunch or dinner served on a floating restaurant.


  • boat transport
  • naturalist guide
  • snacks (fresh fruit and water or juice)

Total Cost:

 $80 per person (2 person minimum)

Book Now or Inquire for more info!

Option 2: Full Day Mangrove Wildlife Safari & Artisan Fishing Combo

Spend half the day relaxing and looking for wildlife and the other half fishing in the river and canals.  kiss-fish-pargo.jpg


  • Boat from Sierpe or Drake
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Naturalist guide (English speaking) 
  • Fishing equipment
  • An authentic experience

Total Cost:

 $400 per day (max 3) or inquire for groups of 4 or more

Book Now or Inquire for more info!

Option 3: Birdwatching Safari

Rise & Shine! Birdwatching is for the early birds.Boat-Billed-Heron.jpg

We will travel 30 minutes by boat to our secret bird watching spot where primary forest, mangrove forest, clearings, grassy areas and secondary forest all meet to create an extraordinary habitat for birds.

It's an easy 3.5 hour walk. We will likely see:

  • ant birds
  • fly catchers
  • wood creepers
  • endemic mangrove hummingbird
  • endemic back cheeked ant tananger
  • yellow billed cotnga
  • turquoise cotinga
  • Herons
  • Macaws & More!

Schedule: Departs from Sierpe very early. For those who want to spend the rest of the day either fishing (artisan style) or looking for wildlife, we can customize this tour. Drop offs available in Drake too*.

Contact us if you want a full day tour with lunch or dinner served on a floating restaurant.


  • boat transport
  • naturalist guide

Total Cost:

 $65 per person (half day) (3 person minimum)

Book Now or Inquire for more info!


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