Eco Tours from Sierpe, Drake Bay & the Osa Peninsula

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The Osa Peninsula is well known for an abundance of wildlife both terrestrial, aerial and marine...and much of it can be seen via the numerous eco tours available in the region. Whether you are in Manuel Antonio, Dominical, Sierpe or already in Drake Bay or any town in between, we can find an eco tour just for you. 

If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we'll get you the info! 

What's Your Flavor?

Caño Island Snorkeling


A trip to the South Pacific region  just isn't complete without a visit to Caño Island, one of Costa Rica’s best snorkeling and diving locations.

The waters are usually clear and warm and there is a plethora of marine life usually seen on snorkeling adventures including: sea turtles, large schools of fish, reef sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, star fish, and numerous tropical fish... More Info or Book Now! 

Caño Island Diving


Come explore one of the best diving locations in Costa Rica, Caño Island Biological Reserve. The water surrounding the island is extremely pristine and teeming with life. Schools of mobula rays (devil rays), turtles and white tip reef sharks can be seen on many dives. On almost every dive, large schools of fish swimming around and overhead can be breathtaking...  More Info or Book Now!

Corcovado National Park (San Pedrillo & Sirena) Eco Tours


Waterfalls and beaches, birds and mammals, orchids and sea turtles, Corcovado has it all.  The plant and wildlife diversity is mind-boggling. 

Come join us on a day tour exploring the trails and ranger stations where an abundance of wildlife and plant species, some of which are not found anywhere else in the world.  More Info or Book Now!

Corcovado National Park Overnight Expeditions

Baird's Tapir with tracking collarGet to know the jungles of Corcovado and stay overnight at one of the park's ranger stations (most popular: San Pedrillo or Sirena). Multi-day treks and overnights available from Puerto Jimenez, Sierpe and Drake Bay. Hike, boat or fly in and let us guide you into the jungle where endangered animals like wild cats and tapirs roam freely. More Info or Book Now !

Mangrove Wildlife Safari Tours & Artisan Fishing

MangrovesBeautiful. Peaceful and Remote. The Térraba – Sierpe National Wetlands protects more than 66,850 acres of wetlands in between and including the Terraba and Sierpe Rivers and their vast network of canals, and mangrove forests. This is the largest mangrove forest in Costa Rica. Two species of endemic bird can be found along with a many other migratory and native birds. More Info...

Birdwatching Safari with an Expert

kingfisher-american.jpgSpend the day with a naturalist guide and bird watching expert and enjoy a hike in a remote area that passes thru primary forest and mangroves, clearings and grassy fields. The variety of ecosystems creates a diverse habitat for many species of birds. More Info...

Combo Family Adventure Day : Caño Island (snorkeling) & Off-Shore Fishing

zancudo-golfito-Sport-fishing.jpgGreat for families.. This unique combo tour is great for guests who want to do it all but don't have the time (or money) to do it ALL! Its a win - win for everyone - a little fishing at some of our favorite spots, a chance to see whales and dolphins, snorkeling in the pristine waters at Cano Island and some time to enjoy the island beach.  More Info ...

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