Central Market - Don't Miss Out on this Treat!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ready for a bit of chaos and sensory overload? San Jose's Central Market is a real treat! 

Central Market assortment

The market is jam packed with a variety of small shops selling everything from colorful bouquets of flowers, spices, all kids of housewares and weird looking fruits and vegetables.

It is also a great place to find lots of small sodas (local restaurants) where locals eat (elbow-to-elbow) great wholesome food.  If you're traveling with kids, I'd recommend sharing a batido (a fresh fruit shake blended with water or milk), or you can order a plate of plain rice, chicken and beans.  No need to be nervous about the food being sanitary (in general) because Costa Rica's water is treated, unlike the rest of Central America, so chances are you won't get sick from the water.

Flower Stand

If you're hungry, indulge in a local meal called a casado (AKA -  plate of the day) which is your choice of meat with rice, beans, salad and fresco (drink). And after you've satiated your hunger, mosey around the market and shop at any of the numerous stands filled with souvenirs, food, spices, flowers and so much more.

P.S. Many of the vendors will let you try the fruits before you buy. So be adventurous, and sample some things that you have no idea what they are. You might like it!

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