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I've been a software developer for the past 15 years, working all over the US for different companies. I currently publish some popular software development blogging sites, namely CodeBetter.Com and

I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur. I've started up more than a few ventures, and I'm only recently getting them right.  I always joke that I've "had a hand in the failure of numerous businesses" and it's true, but with MuchaCostaRica.Com, it's different; We've truly managed to assemble a dream team of folksRayna and Marina are amazingly knowledgeable about the country, live there, and have been helping folks for years enjoy one of the most beautiful places on earth. I couldn't have found two better people to start this site with, and I'm super excited.

My love affair with Costa Rica started in 1997, and everything from the awesome mellow surf, to that brown sauce that's on the tables of every restaurant tickles my fancy.  I'm here to help Rayna and Marina be successful by applying some of what I've learned about building community web sites to MuchaCostaRica.Com. Hopefully it'll show that we're much more than a website, we're a community, and we want you to become a part of it!
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