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Busy Season Alert

If you choose to visit Costa Rica during the high season (December - April), schedule everything well in advance. If your travel plans coincide with Christmas, New Years or Easter, you might need to book 8-12 months in advance in order to get exactly what you want.


Cash goes a long way in Costa Rica.  Wherever you are always ask if there is a discount if you pay cash. I mean everywhere, from pharmacies to restaurants,  hotels and souvenir shops. There are ATM machines in Quepos and one up on the hill near Manuel Antonio. 

Credit Cards

Most of Costa Rica has caught up to the credit card world, however, at times--especially in smaller towns and villages, many places either charge you an additional 5 - 8% or don't accept credit cards at all. Have enough cash on hand to save a few bucks.

Crime Stoppers

There has been an increase in petty theft, pickpockets and car theft in the past few years. Keep all your valuables in your hotel safe except for the ones you need. Take only the amount of money you'll need for the day. And carry a copy of your passport in a separate location from where your real passport is stored. Lock up your car and don't leave anything inside to tempt anyone.

Fill 'er up!

There are several gas stations along the road leading to Quepos both from Jaco and Dominical. There are also a few gas stations located just outside of Quepos central. Quepos Road Sign

Off-Season Fun

When you travel during the 'rainy' season, you'll get some benefits. You can get accommodations at the lowest prices of the year (September - October).

Over Pack!

Yes in this case, having a good supply of clothes will help. It is hot and humid in Costa Rica. 

Clothes take longer to dry outdoors here than in other parts of the country, so don't skimp out now. Laundry services are available as an alternative.

Public Transport

Direct buses between San Jose and Quepos depart San Jose throughout the day.  There is also regular bus service between Quepos and Manuel Antonio. 

The Wet Season

Just because it's raining doesn't mean you can't enjoy Costa Rica. All it means is that you'll play outside in the mornings, and sit in the window with a book and a refreshing drink in the late afternoon while enjoying the enchanting sounds of the forest.

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