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Back in pre-Colombian times the cacao bean was used as currency by the local Indians. These days chocolate has the same value to a lot of choclate lovers, it's almost as good as gold to some. And in the south Caribbean lowlands, where almost all of Costa Rica's cacao is grown, the cacao farmers treat their cacao with love and devotion.Cacao-Fruit

Did You Know?

  • Cacao plantations don't require deforestation and can actually be good for the environment. It is a sustainable crop.
  • Migrant birds and wildlife are finding shelter in rejuvenating forests where cacao is being grown as a shade-grown crop

Where to Find It?

South Caribbean

  • The Choclate Tour and Caribbean Culture Museum is a full day event great for the entire family. Contact us for more info
  • ChocoRart - an organic chocolate plantation where they harvest, ferment and cook their cacao in the same traditional manner as the Mayan Indians.
  • Please feel free to contact us to organize any of these cacao plantation tours.

Central Pacific

  • In Manuel Antonio, at the Vanilla Spice Plantation they grow cacao. Contact us for a flavorful day tour.

South Pacific

  • Near Puerto Jimenez there is the Kobo Cacao Farm. They focus on organically growing fruits and vegetables. Simple teak cabins are available too.  Contact us to learn more about this.

Tours & Packages

One of the best and most authentic souvenirs you can bring back from Costa Rica is pure cacao or organically grown & produced choclate. Let us help you satisfy your sweet tooth.

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