13 Things That Make Costa Rica Amazing! (Thursday Thirteen #2)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

1. Canopy Tours - Fly through the sky! This activity is truly unique to Costa Rica. Very few countries in the world offer forest views from canopy tours like this place.


2. Volcanoes - I've lived here for almost six years and I have to say, seeing an active volcano or even a dormant one is still an incredible wonder to me. There are more than 112 volcanic formations in Costa Rica, you gotta check one out!

Irazu Volcano.jpg

3. Local Cuisine - Vacations are all about indulging in great restaurants and great food. I'm sure the fright of eating at a not-so-popular restaurant might trump the adventurous side of many travelers and make them feel like they need to tread cautiously.  But trust me, if you don't eat at a local soda (restaurant) you really haven't lived. They are cute, simple, full of fresh ingredients and almost always delicious. So take a risk, go LOCAL.


4. Public Transportation - I am a huge fan of local transportation. Where else can you see harried business people, women with five kids and baskets filled with live chickens and produce, and working men with machetes all in the same spot at one time. So get on board and get a glimpse at local life from every aspect.

5. Beach Bumming - Did you know that there are over 800 miles of beautiful coastline in Costa Rica. If you don't make it to one of the beaches either on the Pacific side or the Caribbean you are really missing out!


6. Butterflies - Butterflies have a great rep in Costa Rica. And they should! There are over 1000 different species and you can see them first hand in any one of the numerous butterfly gardens found all over the country.


7. The Children's Museum - I know, this doesn't look like something that belongs on this list. But let me tell you, every time I go to this museum in San Jose, I am more and more impressed with it. The exhibits will entertain everyone from two years old to 102!


8. National Parks - Costa Rica has over 25% of its land protected from development, more than any other country in the world. It is filled with national parks, wildlife refuges, biological reserves and a lot more. Take a tour full of tropical flora and fauna!


9. Water Sports -  With so much water flowing around and through the country it only makes sense to either hop on a surf board, jet ski, boat, kayak, raft or canoe to check out what all the hype is about. Believe me, you won't be disappointed.


10. Shopping - Yeah sure it's fun to hit some of the touristy shops, but how about the local specialty shops. I bet you never thought that the coolest souvenirs can come from local supermarkets, hardware stores or shops that mainly cater to the locals. Get the full experience and see what the locals are buying.

11. Sloths - Costa Rica is the only country in the world with a sloth rescue center. Aviarios del Caribe


12. Monkey Madness - Costa Rica is home to howler monkeys, spider monkeys, White Face Capuchin Monkeys and the rare and endangered Titi Squirrel Monkey!







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